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Soul Salary


Are you in alignment with your joy?

Soul Salary is a #1 Bestselling remarkable book, life coaching program, and speaking topic that will take you on a meaningful journey towards allowing your soul to experience warmth, joy, passion, happiness, and fulfillment. It's not about the financial salary you earn from your job, but rather the salary you pay yourself and your soul. When we prioritize a high Soul Salary, we make a profound impact on ourselves and the world around us.

The concept of Soul Salary represents the value your soul receives when you invest your time and energy in alignment with your passions, life purpose, mission, and what feeds your soul.


Jessica Kaskov invites you to interpret 'soul' based on your own understanding, whether it's your essence, sense of self, or something that carries religious significance to you.

You will learn:

  • What your Soul Salary is and how to identify your paychecks (what fills you up) and your bills (what drains you)

  • How to give yourself raises and promotions and how to budget and do budget cuts

  • How to achieve and sustain high earner status in Soul Salary.

This is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, overworked, near or in burnout, and/or ignoring their needs and their own joy.

Do something for yourself - Align to your joy and fulfillment today!

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"Very impactful way to break down what's keeping you from your Joy! The exercises are quick, approachable, and extremely clarifying.  Highly recommend!"
"If you are struggling with all the demands of modern life, and find that all the stress is sucking the energy right out of you, then this book is for you."
"The workbook is conveniently in the book throughout the pages and the author guides you easily through it.  Looking forward to becoming a 'high earner'"
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